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eGo 650 Clearomizer Kit
eGo 650 Clearomizer Kit
Our most popular in-store kit
Innokin SVD Kit
Innokin SVD Kit
Variable voltage / variable wattage kit with 2 iClear 30s

Ecig Starter Kits: The Smart Way to Switch to Ecigarettes

There are many reasons to stop smoking and switch to ecigs. Another reason many users prefer electronic cigarettes is that they are considerably cheaper than regular cigarettes. Millions of ecig users around the world are saving money and feeling better too with their new ecig starter kit.

Another advantage of ecigarettes is they do not produce an unpleasant odor as traditional cigarettes do. Smokers of standard cigarettes often find that the cigarette smell lingers on their clothing, breath, in their hair, and in their homes. This can be problematic for those with allergies or for those who prefer to keep their smoking private. With ecigarettes, however, there is no bad smell … just pure enjoyment!

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

An electronic cigarette starter kit, whether the newest version of the eGo electronic cigarette starter kit, the eGo-T ecig, or 510 electronic cigarette starter kit is the best way to become introduced to the world of vaping. These affordable ecig starter kits provide you with all of the basics you need to start enjoying ecigarettes. Even if you're not ready to fully switch over to ecigarettes, these affordable kits make it easy to try out this celebrated alternative to traditional cigarettes. If you do decide that ecigarettes are right for you, the affordability will continue. We offer complete satisfaction with every purchase — if you're not completely satisfied, enjoy a refund when you return the product within one week of delivery.

Types of Starter Kits

At Saffire Vapor, we know we've got the best electronic cigarette starter kit for you. All our starter kits include the necessary items for two complete units. We have the eGo-T starter kit (the latest and greatest version of the renowned eGo ecig) and the 510-T (the best and last improvement to Joyetech's formidable 510 ecig line) in stock. Every starter kit includes: two batteries, 2 atomizers, 5 empty cartridges, a USB and Wall adapter for charging your Joye ecig, a silk ecig case, and Joyetech's instruction book, all inside a beautiful gift box. All of our upgraded and optimum bundle include a large eliquid of your choice flavor and strength and a few extras at a fantastic value – ensuring that you can start vaping with just a few clicks. Just one of many reasons Saffire Vapor is the best place to buy ecigs online.

Smoke Anywhere, Anytime!

Once you've received your kit and have started using your ecigarettes, you'll likely find there's a lot of freedom in being an ecigarette user. While traditional cigarettes are outlawed in just about every public establishment these days, your ecigarette can generally be used in most places.

Imagine lighting up in your favorite restaurant after a meal, something you probably haven't been able to do in ages! Ecigarettes are also inoffensive to those around you because they produce no ugly odor or lingering smoke.