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Kanger T2 Coil Head
Kanger T2 Coil Head
Replacement Coils
Kanger T2
Kanger T2
Kanger T3S Coils
Kanger T3S Coils
Replacement Coils for Kanger T3S

Saffire Vapor offers a large selection of Kanger e-cigs, including the bestselling T2 and T3 models. Kanger products are known for their style, ease of use and value pricing, making them an ideal choice for casual vapers. For customers in the continental United States, free shipping is available on orders of $100 or more.

Popular Kanger Products

Unless otherwise specified, all Kanger clearomizers are fitted to use eGo batteries. With the purchase of an optional connector, most Kanger products can be adapted to use a 510 threaded MOD.

  • Kanger T2: The Kanger T2 is an economical and reliable clearomizer capable of holding up to 2.0 mL of any e-liquid. Replacement Kanger T2 coil heads are available in our online store — expect to change heads every two weeks with regular use.
  • Kanger T3: The Kanger T3 is the next step up from the T2 with a bottom coil design and 2.4 mL tank capacity. With the Kanger T3S model, the bottom coil can be replaced independently from the base, saving money and time.
  • Kanger E-vod: The E-vod is a bottom coil clearomizer with a unique two piece design that allows you to replace the head without wasting e-liquid. The E-vod is known for its warm vapor and clean flavor.
  • Kanger Protank: The Protank is the only Kanger clearomizer to feature a glass tank and 510 threading. The Protank has a 3 mL capacity and features easily replaceable atomizer heads.

Looking for Kanger Protank coils, E-vod coils or other accessories? If you can’t find it in our online store, contact one of our customer service representatives for immediate assistance.

About Kanger

Since 2007, KangerTech has been a leading e-cigarette manufacturer for Asia, North America and the EU. Known for their high quality, Kanger e-cigs are manufactured in an ISO 14000 certified facility. If you’ve never tried a Kanger e-cig before, the Saffire Vapor team can help you choose the model that’s right for your budget and your tastes. Contact us today for more information!